Administrator Guide

A guide for TicketLog Administrators

Administrators can view all the Settings screens.

Settings can be reached via the user's Service Desk list screen:

Or via the Service Desk's configuration menu and clicking Settings:

General settings

This is the General settings screen:

This is the Azure DevOps configuration screen:

Azure DevOps settings

Integrating with Azure DevOps can sometimes be challenging. If you have trouble, check out our Troubleshooting guide on Azure DevOps Authorization, or contact us – we are happy to help you overcome any problems!


This is the User configuration screen:

From this screen you can add and remove users, resend invitation emails, and change a user's permission level.

Add User

  • Click 'Add User' button

  • Enter email address and select a permission level in the following form:

  • Click 'Add user' to add user to the service desk

Remove User

  • Click the drop down arrow next to the user and select 'Remove user'

  • In the popup window, click 'Remove user' to confirm removal of the user

Change Permission Level

  • Click the drop down arrow next to the user and select 'Change permissions'

  • In the popup window, select the new permission level:

  • Click 'Save changes' to confirm the change


  • You cannot remove yourself from a Service Desk

  • You cannot remove or change permission level of the Owner of a PRO Service Desk

Customization settings

This is the Customization screen, only available to TicketLog PRO subscribers:

Here is an explanation of how each customization option affects the Service Desk:

  1. Custom domain name

    • A custom sub-domain on your own domain. Please notify us which domain you want to use. You will need to add DNS records to your domain during setup.

  2. Page title

    • The Page title appears in the tab of the user's browser.

  3. Navbar title

    • This text appears across the top of each page of your Service Desk. Can be blank.

  4. Navbar image URL

    • This URL points to an image used in the top corner of each page of your Service Desk. It replaces the default TicketLog logo. Can be left blank for no logo.

  5. Navbar link URL

    • This URL is attached to the Navbar title and Navbar image as a hyperlink. Can be blank.

Custom fields

TicketLog Service Desks can prompt users with custom fields on new tickets:

The user's responses to custom field prompts are added to the created Azure DevOps workitems.

Full details on how Custom Fields work are available on this page.

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