Authorizing Azure DevOps

Solve issues with authorizing your Azure DevOps integration

If you have problems connecting TicketLog to Azure DevOps, please review the steps below.

  1. Check that the Integration user is a Project Administrator of the target project.

    • Visit Organization Settings > Users.

    • Find the Integration user and select Manage User in the context menu.

    • For the intended project, select Project Administrators.

  2. Check that API access is permitted for your Organization.

    • Visit Organization Settings > Policies.

    • Ensure Third-party application access via OAuth is On.

  3. Check the Integration user has been granted access to the project.

    • Open a new Incognito or Private browser session.

    • Visit the Azure Dev Ops "AEX" page here:

    • Log into Azure DevOps with the Integration user.

    • Click Manage authorizations in the bottom left:

    • In the popup, you should see "TicketLog" as an authorized application:

  4. Check the Integration user is from the intended Directory.

    • If your Integration user has access to multiple directories, then you must carefully ensure you have authorized the user from the proper directory.

    • Open a new Incognito or Private browser session.

    • Visit the Azure Dev Ops "AEX" page here:

    • Log into Azure DevOps with the Integration user.

    • Check each directory in the drop list (see "1" in screenshot), and verify in "Manage Authorizations" (see "2" in screenshot) that you have given authorization to the correct directory.

    • If it is missing, then you can simply re-authorize from TicketLog configuration page. When doing so, check the correct user (see "1" in screenshot) and Directory (see "2" in screenshot) are being used.

      • Note: the Grant Access step will use the directory most recently selected in the "AEX" page.

Additional Requirements

TicketLog assumes the Azure DevOps project being connected to is based on a Basic, Agile, or CMMI project template, and that standard Project Administrator permissions are set for the integration user. TicketLog does support customised project templates or user permissions, however there are a few requirements:

  • The target Project has correct workitem type.

    • By default, TicketLog uses the "Issue" type, however other workitem types are configurable in TicketLog settings.

  • The integration user is allowed to create Service Hooks

  • The intgation user is allowed to create Tags

  • The target Area Path exists

    • By default, no Area Path is specified.

  • There are no unexpected "required" fields.

    • The standard required fields are: IterationId, AreaId, Title, and State. No other required system fields are currently supported.

    • Required custom fields are supported, but this requires a TicketLog PRO subscription and properly configured Custom fields.

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