2024.05.09: Accepted domains

Today's release introduces accepted domains for new users.

Previously, users with any email address could be added to your service desk. Now, you can specify which domain a user's email address must belong to. This gives greater control on public service desks. For example, you can restrict users to people in your organisation.

Also in this release, we have moved the 'invited users only' option to the User Settings section.

Specify Accepted Domains

To specify one or more accepted domain for new users:

  • Visit Settings > Users.

  • Enter a domain into the Accepted Domain(s) field. You can specify multiple domains by separating them with a semi-colon (;).

  • Click Save.

Now, when a user attempts to create a ticket on your service desk with an email address that is not accepted, the user will face an error message:


  • If your service desk is configured to 'invitation only', the restriction still applies.

  • Only new users are restricted. Existing users with an unaccepted domain will continue to have access.

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