2024.06.06: Remove ticket

A minor release today to resolve an issue with deleted work items in Azure DevOps.

Previously, if a work item was deleted in Azure DevOps, the ticket would continue to appear in TicketLog.

With this release, we have added the option to remove tickets from your list, and everyone's list if you are an Administrator.

Remove Ticket via My Tickets section

To remove a ticket from My Tickets section, perform the following steps:

  • In My Tickets section, find the ticket you would like to remove

  • Click the context menu and select Archive Ticket

  • Click Show Archived Tickets

  • Find the ticket again, open the context menu and select Remove Ticket

  • Click Remove in the confirmation box

This procedure only removes the ticket from your personal My Tickets list. If the ticket exists in the list of other users, it will remain there.

Remove Ticket via Missing Ticket screen

As an Administrator, you can remove a ticket for all users with this approach.

If you visit the Ticket Details screen and it has been removed from Azure DevOps, you will face the following error message:

  • Click Remove ticket from TicketLog button. This will open a confirmation box.

  • If you are an Administrator, you will have an additional option to remove the ticket for all TicketLog users.

    • If you select this option, then the ticket will be removed from My Tickets list for all TicketLog users.

    • If you do not select this option, or you are not an Administrator, then this process will remove the ticket only from your My Tickets list.

  • Click Remove in the confirmation box.

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