2023.11.02: Custom fields

Today we released a major update to TicketLog: Custom Fields!

Service Desks can now prompt users with custom fields on new tickets:

The user's responses to custom field prompts are added to the created Azure DevOps workitems.

Full details on how Custom Fields work are below, but a few notes on Custom Fields:

  • Custom fields are only available to TicketLog PRO subscribers.

  • Custom fields must first be created in your Azure DevOps Process Template before they are available in TicketLog. See below for instructions on adding custom fields to Azure DevOps.

  • The Identity custom field type is not supported.

We hope you like it!

If have any issues configuring your custom fields please let us know and we will be happy to help.

TicketLog Team.

Configure a Custom Field

To add a custom field to TicketLog, navigate to the Service Desk's Settings screen, and click Fields. Then click Configure Custom Fields:

Wait for the available custom fields to load, select the fields you would like to include, then click Update:

You should now see the selected fields in the Settings screen:

New Ticket with Custom Field

When a new ticket is created, the user can now enter a value for the custom field:

The field value will appear at the top of the ticket details screen:

The field will also appear in the Azure DevOps workitem detail screen:

Add Custom Field in Azure DevOps

Only custom fields added to your Azure DevOps process Template are available in TicketLog.

To add a field to your ADO Process Template:

  1. In Azure DevOps, visit Organization Settings > Process

  2. Find the process used by your project. If not already done, create an Inherited Template and move your project to the inherited template. Only inherited templates can have custom fields.

  3. Select the inherited template.

  4. Select a work item type. TicketLog defaults to the "Issue" work item type, but other types are supported (see Authorizing Azure DevOps).

  5. Click "New field" and complete the details for a new custom field.

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